Wood-Off-Cuts as a Creative Resource: a Metaphorical Reflection on “The Ruler and the Ruled” Sculpture Project


  • Chikelue Chris Akabuike University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Wood-offcuts, The Ruler and the Ruled, Sculpture project, Creative Resources, Multimodality, Semiotic resources


“The Ruler and the Ruled” sculpture project engages the use of joinery in a process-oriented studio exploration. It explores wood-off-cuts using dovetail, flatlock, and dado joints among others as a method in an upcycling process to create visual imageries that metaphorically address the misinterpretations and consequences of Nigeria’s socio-political settings. Works selected for discussion include Genesis of Disintegration, Entanglement, and Marriage of East and West. Conceptually, these works address the plights of the downtrodden. Other African artists such as Sumegne, Dilomprizulike, Hazoume and Titos have created works that border around the same theme However, the use of wood-offcuts effectively exploits upcycle in a creative interpretation distinct from tying, welding, and assemblage processes of joining, as practised respectively by the aforementioned artists. Nonetheless, this study attempts to validate how wood offcuts form part of the ongoing dialogue of the downtrodden. Focusing on joinery and its aesthetic effects, it metaphorically interprets the emerging forms while their formal features are conceptually analyzed using theories and models of visual social semiotics. Findings show that significant socio-political issues were raised through the range of works that address the plight of the downtrodden and the implications were also highlighted.   




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