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Research in Pragmatics is the official journal of the Pragmatics Association of Nigeria (PrAN)

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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2024): Special Issue: Political Memoirs as Tools of National Integration
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This edition of Research in Pragmatics, which keys perfectly into reputable journals’ tradition of periodically producing special issues that address themed scholarly inquiries into current, dominant or recurring issues in society, presents six articles which are products of the larger research project entitled “Using Memoirs as Antidotes to Nigeria’s Political Quagmire and as Tools for National Integration” sponsored by the Nigerian Tertiary Education Trust Fund (2023-2024). Thus, this special edition of the journal aggregates articles which interrogate how memoirs written by some Nigerian foremost political figures could be read as historical artefacts towards addressing the enduring challenges of national integration and the attendant political quagmire Nigeria has been grappling with since her independence in 1960. ...

Published: 16-05-2024

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